ONE of Bonnyton Thistle’s young players has set up a charity to help others living with Type 1 Diabetes.

Lochlan Murdoch was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at thee age of four but it hasn’t been a barrier to his participation in sport whatsoever.

He even walked around every stadium in Scotland as part of his first fundraiser for the charity, called Lochlan’s Legacy.

13-year-old Lochlan and mum Lesley raise awareness of Type 1 Diabetes and work and last week agreed to meet STV film crews during a training session for Lochlan’s age group.

He told STV News: I wanted to set up the charity because in a lot of sports not many people know about Type 1 diabetes.

“A lot of young people who want to join think there is a stigma attached and worry they might get bullied.

“But it doesn’t matter – you can do anything you want. 

“I was worried that coaches might not let me play because they might get scared of what might happen to me or panic and not want me around.”

He added: “The coaches here at my club Bonnyton Thistle have encouraged me a lot, they’ve not been scared about it, they’ve been great.

“Some of my friends have been asking me what to do if they’re alone with me and I get poorly, and I’ve told them and I’m happy they’ve asked. It’s good that they want to know.”

January 17, 2022